Pongal Update – BM 15

Published January 15, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

This year we were confused whether to celebrate Pongal or not since, we lost BD’s grand mother last October. Honestly I was not in a mood to celebrate Pongal as I wanted to pay homage to her. But, my MIL desperately wanted to celebrate so, she came up with a solution. Without offering coconut and chakkara pongal to god we can celebrate it seems (we can include coconut in ‘our’ cooking, though). I agreed. At least, I am the one who is going to continue her customs after her. Ok, I digress. 

I made a small kolam and hung flowers at entrance. Draw a kolam under gas stove too (I am so becoming my MIL). Took bath and started cooking. BD went to buy sugar cane. The timing to do pooja was between 9.45 a.m. to 10.15 a.m.

I made ven pongal, chakkara pongal, coconut thogayal, sambar and medhu vadai. We prayed god offering fruits and ven pongal. I (pretend to) read Aditya Hridhayam and then we had lunch. BD and Bingo went to sleep and I sat to watch tv. Then I and brother (he is here for an interview) had sugar cane discussing our childhood pongal.

So, after the day was over, when I went to bed, realized I have not written post for tomorrow. Initially I thought of posting some pictures. When I sat to upload pictures, I thought of writing one or two sentences about each photo and here, I am done with a full post 🙂 Leaving you with vadai photo.





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