How Do you watch a Movie? – BM 10

Published January 10, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

We got married in the year 2007. My in-laws were staying in Baroda, then. So, I spent a month in that city. The first movie we saw after our marriage was Sivaji – The Boss. We went along with my Sister-in-Law and her son. I was all geared up to see thalaivar on screen. That too I read that Shankar made thalaivar to look young and more stylish.

The movie started. Thalaivar name came on the screen. Thalaivar entry scene. Comedy scene. Dance. Fight. Romance. Motta boss. Climax. We came home.  Yes. No one clapped. No one whistled. No one danced and no nothing happened in theater. I was about to cry.

Have you seen a movie like this?? That too Super Star movie. ~sob~. Everyone behaved as if they are watching documentary movie. I controlled myself from screaming for the entry scene as I was newly married ‘pudhu ponnu’ who came with her SIL.

Oh! How I watched padayappa in a theater where no one is ready to sit and watch the movie, even though I went after a month of its release. How I took the milk cooker whistle as I don’t know how to whistle. How one person did ‘aarathi’ to Super Star for his entry song. How they whistled when thalaivar took that ‘oonjal’ to sit. Later I told BD about this and he was like ‘what a big deal?’ and he told there are more Hindi speaking people than Tamilians who came to watch the movie, that may be the reason.

Cut to Tamilnadu. Next day to Diwlai. We were in my parent’s house and my brother got two tickets for Om Shanti Om. Yes, we are one weird couple who watches Tamil movie in Baroda and Hindi movie in Trichy. 

Off went to theater and what a crowd. what a whistle. what a dance. what a clap. what an enjoyment. Remember this is in Trichy not even in Chennai. Not many of them can understand Hindi, yet the craziness is the same. This is how I want to watch a movie 😀 I gave a proud look to BD who was rolling his eyes. Never mind. 

So, how do you watch movies?


22 comments on “How Do you watch a Movie? – BM 10

  • I can so relate to this. You are talking about Baroda, can understand the silence.. But in Bangalore, ppl watch movies without even moving. Sigh. I hate to watch movies that way.

    Recently watched Aarambam in Chennai – first day show n all.. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. At times, I couldnt even hear the dialogues. Who cares! It was great to be amidst a crowd who love movies this way.

  • At least you guys get to watch it in a cinema that is pretty full. In UAE, half the times, it is just 4-5 people in a 120 seater. 😦

    I am going to watch veeram today 😛 Yayy! :P.. and while we tried to get tickets for that yesterday, I heard the word ‘housefull’ for the first time! :O

  • Haa haa, i have never given much thoughts about the madness so far! But giving it a second thought, I remember one thing vividly. When I watched Alaipayuthe, I heard ‘Enthuru anjali enthuru’ during the climax when shalini is in the hospital! It was very funny!

  • Ok – this is going to sound nerdy, but I haven’t watched a lot of tamil movies in theater – except kuruvi *shudder* and vaali *shudder*. But yes, Chennai theatres are the best. We had gone to ‘The Lives of Others’ in Satyam (It’s a german film). I really didn’t want to go to a movie with subtitles, but was surprised to see that:
    1. The theatre was houseful.
    2, The audience made audible gasps and sounds throughout.
    3. In the end, everyone stood up and gave a standing ovation.

    I had goosebumps!

  • For me it was the other way round. Being brought up in the North, I had no clue what it was to watch a Rajiji movie in a cinema hall in TN. One summer vacation, I went to see Padayappa in Namakkal, and man, it was a riot! My cousins rofl’d at my bewildered expression 🙂

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