Who is Bigger? Husband or Father? – BM 9

Published January 9, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Bingo’s school is around 3 km from our house and she travels by school bus. The bus will pick and drop her from bus bay in our complex. So, we need to drop and pick her up from bus bay. We used have our own conversations during this time. This was the scene day before yesterday:

BM – What did you do in school today?

Bingo – I ate snacks (yeah right. That’s why you are going to school)

BM – What did Sowmy ma’m say?

Bingo – Sowmy ma’m gave a star (they used draw a small star on their hand)

BM – oh, very good.

Bingo – where is daddy?

BM – Daddy went to office?

Bingo – No, daddy is hiding behind the door at home (what??)

BM – mm…ok

Bingo – Where is MY daddy?

BM – Bingo, daddy went to office.

Bingo – Where is my BD (she told the actual name)?

BM – Excuse me, he is MY BD

Bingo – No my BD

BM – No my BD

Bingo (on top of her voice)  – my BD my BD my BD…….

BM – ok…ok.. stop screaming now (to avoid stares from passer by).

What I wanted to tell – Dear kiddo, he is MY BD. Don’t think you are the one who can love YOUR daddy. I am 4 years senior to you on that job, please keep that in your mind, ok?

Note: If someone came here expecting a serious post on the topic, please excuse me. I don’t know how to write those stuff 😀 but, the tittle is open to every one. Whoever want to write on this topic are welcome.




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