Grandma’s Black Coffee – BM 4

Published January 4, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

This I wrote some days back when I had fever.

I am having fever, body pain, dizziness and what not? Whenever I have fever, I used to remember my grandmother. She is such a wonderful at the same time strict person. She will not enter the kitchen without having bath and that too she will do head bath everyday. Well, I can write a separate post about her.

Once, when I was in my higher secondary, I had fever. That time my mother was out of station and my grandmother was there. She used to give me black coffee (vara kaapi) once in every 3 hours and hot rasam rice. I felt that was good and I took full rest. 

When my mother came, she scolded me and grandmother for not going to a doctor. She took me to the doctor and I had to have some bitter medicines and bland syrups. I wanted black coffee but if I ask for it my mother will widen her eyes and will scold me.

My grandmother being so sweet, she used to prepare it and give it to me when my mother went to buy veggies. We both enjoyed that time. Now when I remember my grandmother I CAN feel the smell of her black coffee and her love.

I want black coffee now. booohooo….


Bingo got pinched with nails by her friend yesterday and it swelled a bit. Morning I was little busy running behind her so I am late today.


Today’s prompt for blogathon is achievement and I didn’t do any major achievement in my life, except following: 

I got married. Yes, it’s an achievement since I wanted become nun when I was in school.

I am cleaning my daughter’s bum, nose, body everyday. This is my major achievement because before marriage I refused to even touch kids if their nose is runny, even it is my own sister’s kid.

I stepped out of Tamilnadu after marriage and lived in 2 different states without knowing its language. 

I learnt to cook. 



12 comments on “Grandma’s Black Coffee – BM 4

  • Grandmother’s are the best. I have experienced my grandparents being nice to me when my parents used to scold me. Now I can see two sets of grandparents being extra nice to our kids when we want to scold them!

    Hope Bingo is feeling well now.

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