Weather – BM 3

Published January 3, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

I liked the topic for today. ‘Weather – What are you? Rain child or a hot bird?’

I AM A HOT BIRD AND I HATE RAIN. I agree rain is the source for our water needs but some how I don’t like rain. Why, you ask. Let me put in points:

1. We cannot dry our cloths properly.

2. Fermentation of curd and idly batter takes more time (this one is enough to hate rain).

3. We cannot go out whenever we want.

4. If you have toddler who refuse to walk you have hold them in one hand while you manage umbrella on the other.

5. We get cold and fever.

6. Wet foot, wet street, wet car, wet dress, wet shoe and wet everything.

7. We have to keep an umbrella or rain coat and extra pair of dress when we go for a function / meeting / office.

I would like to put Bharathi’s words here. Those who can’t read Tamil, please excuse me. Please don’t try google translator. It gives terrible result.

மழை பெய்கிறது.

ஊர் முழுவதும் ஈரமாகிவிட்டது.

தமிழ் மக்கள் எருமைகளைப்போல எப்போதும் 

ஈரத்திலேயே நிற்கிறார்கள். ஈரத்திலேயே

உட்கார்கிறார்கள். ஈரத்திலேயே நடக்கிறார்கள்.

ஈரத்திலேயே படுக்கிறார்கள். ஈரத்திலேயே சமையல்,

ஈரத்திலேயே உணவு.

உலர்ந்த தமிழன் மருந்துக்கு கூட அகப்பட மாட்டான்.

Now, lets move on to sweet summer 🙂

1. You can make urugai, vathal, vadaam etc.

2. You can relish neer mor, panagam, cucumber etc.

3. You can dry your cloths in 2 hours time.

4. If you want to eat curd for lunch, you can keep for fermenting in the same day morning.

5. You can go on a summer vacation 🙂

6. You can wander in light weight / cotton cloths (I love cotton dresses).

7. You can eat variety of mangoes (drooling).

8. You need not send your kids to school.

9. You can have a dry kitchen and dry bathroom. Dry is hygienic you know.

I love summer and looking forward to it.


Friend G returned from her hometown. We planned a potluck between two of us 🙄 this Sunday evening. 

Today Bingo took a gems chocolate ball from super market and refused to keep it back. When I forced her she ran out of the shop. I had to pay and leave to catch her. I am NOT taking her to any super market here after. Seriously.



15 comments on “Weather – BM 3

  • Same pinch. I dont like rain. Actually I dont like extreme weather. Too much rain, too much heat or cold…enough for me to hate the place!
    Next time put Bingo in shopping trolley so that she will not be able to reach for anything. :p

  • I am still confused. that’s me. confused about who am I? Let me think, what do I like? Winter or Summer? I think I will go with you! For all practical reasons I like Summer but love the days when its hot in the morning, turns gloomy in late afternoon with lots of clouds and stays chill in the night 🙂 Ah, I think I need a mix of both!

  • I don’t like rain either. We lived in a place where it snows heavily in the winter and goes to extreme cold temperatures. We moved from there to a place where it rains a lot in winter. I somehow seem to prefer the cold to the rain!! People thing I am crazy but, it is a lot easier to manage in snow compared to rain.

    I like Indian summers because of mangoes!!!

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