Introspection – BM 2

Published January 2, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

The prompt for today is ‘The year went by – Good, Bad, Ugly?’

I don’t know. Really don’t. Let me do monthly update of 2013.

January – Bingo locked herself inside the house unknowingly and we had to break window glass to open the door. I am the one who cried a lot than Bingo 😐

February – Nothing interesting.

March – Nothing interesting.

April – Went to Basar temple along with in-laws as we planned to put Bingo in School from June. To know more about Basar click here and here.

May – Santa visited us with goody bag. Parents and sister visited us.

June – I celebrated my birthday with surprise cake from friend G at mid-night. Bought new TV. Bingo started going to Play Group. 

July – Celebrated Wedding anniversary. BD and Bingo’s birthday falls on same date, yes they share their birthday 🙂 so now we stopped celebrating BD’s birthday. Celebrated Bingo’s birthday at home by calling few friends.

August – Nothing interesting

September – Nothing interesting

October – BD’s paternal grand mother passed away. 

November – Visited Madras alone with Bingo.

December – Decided to put Bingo in a new school from nursery and got admission in school ‘S’. I must thank Maya for her help. Started Blogging in WordPress.


– There is a cricket tournament going to happen in BD’s office and he is practicing for the same during week ends.

– Today Bingo’s school got re-opened after winter holidays. 

– BD gave me a list of food to be prepared till coming Sunday, as we planned. He will give on a weekly basis 🙂

– I am going to read ‘Alai osai’ by Kalki

– I am not able to bear the winter for the past 2 days.


13 comments on “Introspection – BM 2

  • that was a good roundup!! poor BD.. hope Bingo will celebrate his spl. day once she realizes it. these girls will do anything for their daddy. trust me.. Happy 2014 and good to have found you in this blog world..

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