New Year Resolutions – BM 1

Published January 1, 2014 by Bingo's Mom

Wishing You a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!

 This is the first time I am making some resolutions and I hope I will adhere to that.

 So, yesterday BD and I were discussing about the resolutions and we came up with the following:

 1. We should lead a healthy lifestyle with less stress. This can be achieved with proper planning.

2. We are going to follow a menu chart which will be prepared by BD that is, we are going to follow our own diet plan.

3. I have to control my weight and need to check thyroid. I have to reduce around 10 kg.

4. To sleep early and wake up early.

5. To read more and more and more. Having said that, I took membership in our apartment library.

6. To learn sewing.

 Adding to this I have some other personal plans as well. I really want to complete all of this with success 🙂


 We had a new year celebration in our apartment. We went after having dinner at home. I baked cake in cooker which didn’t come up to my satisfactory level. But hey for the first attempt it was pretty decent.


 BD told he will gift me something if I complete this Blogging Marathon. So, I started running towards the carrot that is hanging in front of me 😀 Wish me luck friends.



15 comments on “New Year Resolutions – BM 1

  • Great set of resolutions! Learning sewing, I would love to! Are you talking about machine or cutting and the entire works? I know I sound terribly old-fashioned when I tell people I like embroidery.

  • First time making resolutions!! All the Best !! To wake up early : I need to take this resolution too, from Jan 9th onwards 🙂 , for all these days, I didnt keep it up

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