Random Thoughts – 1

Published December 23, 2013 by Bingo's Mom
  1. I want to keep my house clean (ok.. this is not a random thought this will always be in my mind but I don’t listen to it!!).
  2. I want to spend my OWN time at my sister’s place.
  3. I want to eat pani puri and gulab jamun.
  4. I want Bingo to choose me when given a choice between mom and dad.
  5. I want to go to job if I have cook at home.
  6. It’s frustrating to put Bingo to sleep.
  7. I want to go on a vacation to historical places.
  8. I am interested in baking & sewing. I neither have oven nor sewing machine.
  9. There is a year end party (!!) in Bingo’s school for which I need to send her in red and white dress code. I have only one set like that and she wore it today and the party is tomorrow.
  10. Bingo is underweight and her mother is overweight.
  11. There is a secret Santa party is going on in BD’s office and he got yummy roasted almond from his secret Santa. yay..
  12. Started reading ‘pasuram’ on the eve of Margazhi.
BM – Bingo, do you like mummy or daddy?
Bingo – Sowmy ma’m 
BM – !!
P.S. Sowmy ma’m is her class teacher.

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