Trip to Chennai

Published December 16, 2013 by Bingo's Mom

I visited Chennai last month for a family function. This time I stayed there for 4 days without BD. The trip included lot of shopping and food 🙂

1. No auto driver is ready to go with meter charges even though it is mandatory now 😦

2. We made several visit to RMKV in a single day, that the person who used  to welcome at the entrance started giving known smile to us 🙂

3. I had chilly parota after 7 years. The last time I had them in Trichy.

4. ‘Mullai poo’ looked very very gorgeous and fresh.

5. I did not take Bingo out for shopping etc.

6. Bingo had a nice time in playing, eating and watching airplane from ‘mottai maadi’

7. They have closed Pondy Bazaar road side shops 😦 I so so wanted to buy ‘ethu eduthalum patruva’ items and sandals.

8. I traveled alone with Bingo and I survived 🙂

9. This is not a planned trip, since I visited now the chances of going to Chennai during Pongal is very very less. I may miss book fair 😦

10. On the other hand BD had a nice time asking our neighbor to cook for him 🙄 and watching cricket matches.

11. He forgot to keep the curd in fridge and I was welcomed by fungus filled curd.

12. I was reluctant to go alone with Bingo but, now I have full confident. It’s not a big deal except the visit to loo in train. sigh.


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