Judging People

Published December 11, 2013 by Bingo's Mom

This incident happened about an year back. We were to travel from Chennai to Hyderabad. We boarded the train before 15 minutes of its departure. I asked BD to get some magazines while I set our luggage. I called him over phone and asked him to get banana for Bingo.

There was some chaos as some passenger could not find their seat. The porter was standing behind them carrying their luggage and was standing next my seat. He almost sat on the seat when some other person crossing the place and then they went away. 

Then my brother who came to send off us brought some magazines so, I thought of informing BD. I could not find my phone. I started panicking  as I lost 2 mobiles within a year before having this. It was hiding between the seat and window. I could not see it as it was covered by window curtain. All this is happened within a minute.

The point is, in less than 60 seconds of losing and finding the mobile, I strongly suspected the porter for stealing it. Later, I felt ashamed and I started thinking seriously about this. Why I suspected him? Why not the co-passenger? I was wondering about my mentality.

Then I narrated this to BD and told him that, I don’t want to raise Bingo with these kind of thoughts an mentality i.e. blaming poor people. As the train started moving, my thoughts went deeper on this issue. What’s your opinion on this? How do we teach our kids on this? Having said all this, I have much to tell about the domestic helpers. I may share in a different post.


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