Bingo’s Love for Milk

Published December 11, 2013 by Bingo's Mom

Bingo should have born in Punjab. She can drink liters of milk together. Everyday she wakes up by saying good morning I want milk. She cries once the milk gets over in her cup and asks for more Smiley  

Initially I gave her milk with Complan Nutri Gro and soon I found that I need to sell my jewels if I continue give her Complan. I switched to Dates Syrup. She is ok with plain milk though. 

She runs to kitchen if she hears me closing the straw cup. I mean, that makes only 0.48 decibel sound. Her love for milk grows stronger day by day. May be because I breastfed her up to 23 months. 

When I started giving her normal milk, I didn’t give a second thought. I just boiled an extra cup of milk along with the usual preparation of ours. But, when I heard other mom’s cribbing about the particulars of milk, I went awe. Which one are you giving? How much fat content it has? Is it pasteurized? Is it homogeneous? Is it cow’s or buffalo’s? Do you give it diluted? yaada yaada…

I haven’t paid much attention while buying milk. I just check the expiry date, that’s it. I wonder will it make any difference in child’s growth? Then I remembered this ad

Why I am telling all this is because, my dentist told me that I lack in calcium,thus I need to drink lot of milk and eat calcium rich food. 

I hope Bingo will never ever get these problem in her life.

2 comments on “Bingo’s Love for Milk

  • My first visit here… Like you, I just check the expiry date and was really really confused when people asked me so many questions about what milk I give my little baby boy ‘Lime’..

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