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Random Thoughts – 1

Published December 23, 2013 by Bingo's Mom
  1. I want to keep my house clean (ok.. this is not a random thought this will always be in my mind but I don’t listen to it!!).
  2. I want to spend my OWN time at my sister’s place.
  3. I want to eat pani puri and gulab jamun.
  4. I want Bingo to choose me when given a choice between mom and dad.
  5. I want to go to job if I have cook at home.
  6. It’s frustrating to put Bingo to sleep.
  7. I want to go on a vacation to historical places.
  8. I am interested in baking & sewing. I neither have oven nor sewing machine.
  9. There is a year end party (!!) in Bingo’s school for which I need to send her in red and white dress code. I have only one set like that and she wore it today and the party is tomorrow.
  10. Bingo is underweight and her mother is overweight.
  11. There is a secret Santa party is going on in BD’s office and he got yummy roasted almond from his secret Santa. yay..
  12. Started reading ‘pasuram’ on the eve of Margazhi.
BM – Bingo, do you like mummy or daddy?
Bingo – Sowmy ma’m 
BM – !!
P.S. Sowmy ma’m is her class teacher.

Trip to Chennai

Published December 16, 2013 by Bingo's Mom

I visited Chennai last month for a family function. This time I stayed there for 4 days without BD. The trip included lot of shopping and food 🙂

1. No auto driver is ready to go with meter charges even though it is mandatory now 😦

2. We made several visit to RMKV in a single day, that the person who used  to welcome at the entrance started giving known smile to us 🙂

3. I had chilly parota after 7 years. The last time I had them in Trichy.

4. ‘Mullai poo’ looked very very gorgeous and fresh.

5. I did not take Bingo out for shopping etc.

6. Bingo had a nice time in playing, eating and watching airplane from ‘mottai maadi’

7. They have closed Pondy Bazaar road side shops 😦 I so so wanted to buy ‘ethu eduthalum patruva’ items and sandals.

8. I traveled alone with Bingo and I survived 🙂

9. This is not a planned trip, since I visited now the chances of going to Chennai during Pongal is very very less. I may miss book fair 😦

10. On the other hand BD had a nice time asking our neighbor to cook for him 🙄 and watching cricket matches.

11. He forgot to keep the curd in fridge and I was welcomed by fungus filled curd.

12. I was reluctant to go alone with Bingo but, now I have full confident. It’s not a big deal except the visit to loo in train. sigh.

Update on Bingo – 1

Published December 11, 2013 by Bingo's Mom

1. She wants to do everything on her own. Everything means every single thing except, ofcourse, eating.

2. The other day she was wearing her sandals and  when I went to help, “No mummy, you should not help” she said.

3. She was sitting at the potty seat and I was reading the newspaper outside the toilet. I went in after 2-3 minutes and she told, “mummy, not done. You go and read paper”. !!!

4. If she says you want to go out that means I want to go out. This applies for everything. “You want milk?”, you want mammam?” etc.

5. We bought a new water bottle for her and she declared that was her friend S’s bottle and refused to drink from that bottle. Apparently, S has the similar bottle and he brings it to school. 

6. She wants to wipe her hands only in the towel after washing. She refuses to use my kurta.

7. She loves to go out.

8. She comments all our actions – “Mummy is using laptop”, “Daddy is coughing”, “mummy is preparing mammam for Bingo” etc. until we nod for her.

9. On the other day, she has to carry a vegetable to her school and tell one or two sentences about the vegetable. I was training her with carrot.

BM – This is carrot. It has vitamin A

Bingo – Mummy, carrot is so chill (Smiley I just took it out from fridge)

BM – Ok but, you repeat what I say. This is carrot. It has vitamin A

Bingo – Jumping with carrot

BM – Bingo, say – this is carrot, it has….

Bingo – It makes you strong (showing her muscles like popeye) 

BM – shut up and goes away thinking she can manage without my help

10. To round off the post with 10th point, she is 28 months old.

Of Loving Daddy

Published December 11, 2013 by Bingo's Mom

Scene – 1

Bingo’s Mom – “Bingo, remove your shoes and keep it inside the rack.”

Bingo – Screaming “No mummy” and runs inside house. 

BM – “Bingo, come back and do what I say”

Bingo – “I want mammam”

BM – “Please remove your shoes laddu” with a smiley face.

Bingo – “I want to watch Go Diego Go”

BM – “ok, I’ll help you removing shoes”

Bingo – runs all around the house.

BM – big sigh ok come. Lets have mammam.

Scene – 2

Bingo’s Dad – “Bingo, remove your shoes and keep it inside the rack.”

Bingo – *Removes the shoe and socks
*Closing the shoe rack door after keeping the shoes inside properly.
*Smiles at daddy.

BM – faints

Getting the ‘Sena’ Ready

Published December 11, 2013 by Bingo's Mom

Few days back I was watching Mahabharat on youtube while Bingo was playing with her toys in the other room. She wanted water and she came to me. At that time some war scene came where they showed lots of horse and elephant. She exclaimed saying, 

B: Mummy, look horse and elephant

BM: Yes, and how does a horse sound?

B: neigh.. neigh

BM: How does an elephant sound?

B: pawoooo..

BM: Very Good. Drink water and go. 

After some 5 minutes I went inside to put her to sleep and I saw this: